Joel Michalak

Therapy Session

Joel Michalak is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist. He's been performing and releasing music under the band name Therapy Session since 2005. Therapy Session's debut full length album "Burning Bridges & Building Walls" was released in 2009, followed by the EP "Missed Connections & Casual Encounters" in 2011, and the EPs "Damaged Romantics" and "Blind Love" in 2012. Therapy Session's 2nd full length album, "Being Analytical Will Make You Better at Everything but Being Happy: a user guide on converting your emotions into binary code," is a double album, that was released on on October 11th, 2016. Though Therapy Session has had other contributors over the years, Joel Michalak is the primary member, producer, singer, songwriter, musician and lyricist for the band.


Falling Flat

Joel Michalak also wrote, directed, starred in and produced a sitcom pilot Falling Flat loosely based off his experience in the Los Angeles music scene. In addition to having the music of Therapy Session in the show, Joel also wrote an original score and created songs for the fictional bands in the pilot episode.

Film Scoring

With Joel's experience in both film and music, he was bound to eventually start writing scores. It started with his own short films, "Cheap Date," "The Rebound," "Ironic Mustache," and "David McNilly Presents: A David McNilly Flick" for his production company Novelty Friend, but based off his work, documentary filmmaker Kamau Bilal asked Joel to score a short film "What Kind of Man," which went on to win several film festival awards, become a Vimeo Staff pick and recieve this nice write up about the score.