Joel Michalak
Live Music - Band Photography Self-Portraits

Joel Michalak took up photography when he was in college, getting his start with his father's old 1970's Canon AE-1. Much of his early work was shot on 35mm film, so it's unlikely to ever find it's way onto the Internet.

Since making the jump to digital, Joel's primary interest has been concert photography, which was a hobby sparked by his passion for live music, but eventually lead to him becoming a photo contributer to the popular Los Angeles music blog website

Because Joel is a multi-media artist, much of his photography is motivated by or integrated into other projects. His professional background in lighting makes him capable of creating visually captivating images in the studio, though he also enjoys capturing scenic beauty,  unique architecture, and candid moments of people at social events.

Joel's photography interests is mostly driven by his own interests and passion, though he does occasionally do work for hire; just don't ask him to shoot your head-shots unless he loves you immensely or you're willing to give him an obscene amount of money because it's the most boring and tedious kind of photography possible.